3M Filtrete Anti Pollution Filter for converting AC into air purifier (White, 2 Pieces)

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‎3M India Limited, 48-51 Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560100 ,PH :Toll Free Tel. No.: 1-800-425-3030

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‎21 x 0.1 x 33 cm; 100 Grams




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3M India Limited, 48-51 Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560100 ,PH :Toll Free Tel. No.: 1-800-425-3030

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100 g

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21 x 0.1 x 33 Centimeters

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2 count

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Filter sheets, Tape

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AC Filter

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10 reviews for 3M Filtrete Anti Pollution Filter for converting AC into air purifier (White, 2 Pieces)

  1. SMSM

    Very easy to install on any existing AC filter or Air Purifier filters.I have been using it regularly for 3 months on AC filter and Air Purifier filter to enhance the filter life.>> The 3M Filter acts as the first layer of filtration process and block all the dust from entering the Air Purifier filter.It will enhance the life of your air purifier filter life drastically.>> Simply cut the filter as per the filter size of your Air Purifier and stick it using the tapes provided in the package.>> You can see the picture attached of the 3M filter installed in my Air Purifier it has turned black and blocked a lot of dust in 20 days. You will be shocked to see the amount of dust it catches within 15-30 days.>> Depending on the amount of dust in your area, you will need to replace this filter every 20 – 45 days.>> Installed on AC filter also to protect from dust. Works very well with AC too.>> Superb product for additional filtration

  2. kaushik chakravarty

    I loved the product and it works as i had thought it would, only difference is i installed them under the dust filter of the AC, so the bigger particles get collected in AC Air Filter and then the tiny ones in this, it’s simple only you have to know the aesthetics of how it works, example cover your self with this and then put a mat on your face once and once only with mat and once mat first and then this product, then tell someone through dirt on you, then ask yourself in which process you got the least dirt or the tiny particles in your breathing, then do the same for the AC, i assure you all it will work the way it is supposed to, my AC is in my master bedroom and also has a small air purifier apart from the AC, we don’t get loads of mud in the filter in AC, but still I wanted it catch the lint and hair and tiny particles. I am also confused after watching reviews of some people that they installed this and AC started making loud noise, then I wonder the new AC sold today with 2.5pm filter they might shaking houses after getting installed, anyways always thought an air filter in the vehicle refines the process in the car than detoriating one, same applies here, this filter allows to suck cleaner air into the vents than before, and if your ac still makes loud noise, then clean the ac vents every 4 weeks and then use this product to enhance the process to get cleaner air. Please don’t write review which mislead other for that we already have politicians in our country, you are not required to that, so be mindful before writing anything, hope this above info is good for those who want to try this product post this and for those also who wrote the reviews and read them and still purchased this and glad i purchased this inspite your funny pathetic reviews. Rest who will still purchase this after this review, purchase it n then believe it , like i did. (Common sense).

  3. Zoomer

    I really admire this product living in polluted city like Delhi. This fits perfectly well on your split AC and installation is very easy. I have also used the other brand available called Health Innovative Air Bliss Health Innovative Airbliss – Convert Your AC Into An Air Purifier but found this 3M one better in terms of usage and performance. The main reason I like this one more is because of the following reasons:1. The filter is thin and easy to fit. It comes with their own tape and you have to just stick them as per the manual provided. Installation took 10 minutes.2. I must say it performs well because within 2 weeks I could see the filter became dark black with all the particulate matters on it. The native dust filter of AC was not affected much.Conclusion:I have used this on split AC, and I think this is the best product you can buy for cleaning the air if you do not have an air purifier. Highly recommended.

  4. Ramdutt Vaishnav

    I use this product since 1 year I have fitted it on my carrier 1.5 ton split ac and it works perfect , you can feel the purity of air and I get it replaced when the ac indoor unit founds it hard to flow air , and starts flapping, u can hear the sound , it is the time to replace normally I require to replace it in 2 months , but it is cost effective as it fits in my existing ac and I have diverted my mind in not to go for air purifiers which are costly 10k+ and regular costly filter change , u can subscribe and get it more cheaper approx 5rs /day is not cost to worry to breathe easy , excellent product from 3 M

  5. Shishir Kumar TripathiShishir Kumar Tripathi

    These filters are made up of very thin material of non woven fibres. In one packet there are 2 filters and 1 packet will serve both net meshes of a wall mounted split AC as you can see in the picture I have attached. Installation of the filters is very simple and leaves no mess. You have to first take out the mesh from your air conditioner. You should then wash it very properly, removing all the lint and fibres from it then you have to install the filters by leaving gap on the sides of both the meshes and then fix the the mesh with the filter in your AC. The filter has double sided tape which can be used to affix it on the margin of the mesh. Further, as a matter of customer friendly gesture, there are 6 small adhesive strips also provided so that no inconvenience is caused in the installation. The air conditioner has started delivering cool and clean air. It should feel very refreshing once you experience it. Overall a good product.

  6. krishna

    Good one but small,we need four pieces of these then only it will filter well, this is what I observed’

  7. M.R.

    This is a must have if your a/c doesn’t come with any fancy PM2.5 filters. Easy to install as well – just peel of the tape and stick it. Been using it for about two months now. Filter is slowly turning dark. If you are in an overly dusty environment, it might help to stick this below the existing filter instead of placing over it, so that larger dust particles will continue to be caught in the a/c’s own filter and only the smaller PM 2.5 gets into the 3M filter. Also remember to inspect the filter periodically, at least once in a week.Earlier the a/c used to leave out a very faint but characteristic odour when it starts up. Had to leave the door/window open for a few minutes to get rid of it. For reasons unknown to me, that smell has gone away after sticking this filter into the a/c unit.

  8. JayanthJayanth

    Works well. Noticeably cleaner smelling air. Keeps filter clean for much longer too. Anything that adds to your air purification be it standalone purifier or this, it’s good for you in longer run as you are breathing purer air for longer reducing exposure to carcinogens.WHO declared pollution as biggest cause of cancer. This is atleast one of the many ways to reduce exposure. Thankful for amazon for regularly listing it in deals.In dusty times (when windows and doors are open to elements for a few hours a day) it just lasted me 11 days before it became this color. I live in Hyderabad in a populated colony at a junction.

  9. Vasu

    I purchased this type of product for the first time. The difference is huge when compared to simple AC filter and the addon AC filter. The dust collected on the 3M filters speaks for itself. I have cleaned it once and still using it. However, I do not recommend cleaning and reuse. Though expensive, during this pandemic, it helps you be safe at home. AC would run for most of the time (nearly 10-15hrs a day) With this much usage, the product really is worth spending for. I have avoided an air purifier because of this.

  10. PSPS

    It works really well and is very good at blocking small pollutants.I am from Delhi, and due to the toxic air we breathe here, a product like this is very much needed. It’s in active use for about 9-10 hours daily and with that usage it lasts for about 1.5 months. If you are from a place where the air is less toxic unlike Delhi, it might last longer.I find this option better as compared to purchasing a new air purifier altogether, as that will too consume electricity and will need timely replacement of its filters, so why not buy this and use it in our existing AC systems.

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