atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Sleek Ceiling Fans with Remote Control | High Air Delivery Fan and LED Indicators | Upto 65% Energy Saving | 2+1 Year Warranty (Golden Oakwood)

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Switch Type


Power Source

‎Corded Electric



Product Dimensions

‎59D x 25W x 23H Centimeters

Room Type

‎Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room

Special Feature



‎35 Watts

Finish Type

‎Wooden Finish

Number of Blades


Air Flow Capacity

‎240 Cubic Metres per Minute

Blade Length

‎48 Inches


‎360 RPM


‎220 Volts

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Electric fan design

‎Ceiling Fan


‎Golden Oakwood

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Atomberg Technologies, Atomberg Technologies Pvt Ltd,Mind Space Shelters LLP/ Vithai Developers LLP, Gat No. 51-59, Village Bhamboli, Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra-410507. Customer Care:

Included Components

1 Blade set, 1 remote,1 motor box, 2 canopies, 1 downrod, 1 shackle kit and warranty card

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5 kg




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Atomberg Technologies Pvt Ltd,Mind Space Shelters LLP/ Vithai Developers LLP, Gat No. 51-59, Village Bhamboli, Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra-410507. Customer Care:


Atomberg Technologies Pvt Ltd,Mind Space Shelters LLP/ Vithai Developers LLP, Gat No. 51-59, Village Bhamboli, Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra-410507. Customer Care:

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10 reviews for atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Sleek Ceiling Fans with Remote Control | High Air Delivery Fan and LED Indicators | Upto 65% Energy Saving | 2+1 Year Warranty (Golden Oakwood)

  1. Gaurav Sengupta Gaurav Sengupta

    Note – I am an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer. You’ll know why I gave 5 stars at the endI purchased the fan in March 2021, and am writing the review in Feb 2024. So yeah, I waited 3 years to accurately write the long-term usage review. It worked well for the initial 2 months, but some weird noise started coming at no.4 and no.5 speeds. Complained about it instead of checking it myself cuz it was under a 3-year warranty. They sent a technician, who opened the motor-coil assembly and did something (mostly cleaning) that fixed the noise issue. I noticed a bent washer in one of the joints but did not say anything cuz the noise was gone.But as I expected, the noise showed up again after about 3 months. I called the support again, and this time the technician accurately located the error. I appreciate this one because instead of taking a long time to fix it, he replaced the washer and the motor coil assembly. I checked it by myself and found no physical or visible error. The fan did not make those weird noises for a long time now. However, the company CEO or Owner or maybe some high-ranking dude sent an apology letter and an email that I never expected. It was a great gesture.However, a new issue started showing up where the fan could not catch up to speed beyond no.4, and that too during peak summers in 2023. I checked the warranty and called them up again. The technician followed the general protocols of rebooting the fan’s software if there was a technical soft glitch. Thankfully it was gone within seconds. Till now it has been working well. But 2024 summers are coming so I hope the thing continues working well.Last note – I appreciate the entrepreneurship spirit of India’s young boys. I faced so many issues cuz being an engineer myself, I understand that R&D takes time and we learn from mistakes. I will support the company cuz they admitted the issues, and fixed them, and I’m sure they are keeping a record of all these problems for future R&D purposes to make their products even better. Wishing luck to the company and hope that they increase their scale of manufacturing in India from scratch gradually over time, just in case they are importing chip-level components from PRC, like many other companies, which I understand.

  2. The Honest GuyThe Honest Guy

    I have done a bit of research before buying this. BLDC is the same technology use to drive electric scooters, you might have wondered how such small battery can run the scooter for several kilo metres. Yes, it’s all about power saving and that ‘s the BLDC motor. I bought two of this model and a cheaper Gorilla model too. So total i have 3 fans running for last 2 months and here is my review based on that. I know, my reviews are always lengthy, but sorry for that.The good# These fans are super power saving(28W) compared to traditional fans(75W) and modern power saving fans (50W)# Wind throw is more higher than the regular fans and much higher than power saving fans# The fan can be controlled by remote# Needs no regulator to operate (You can’t use regulator even if you wish to)# Any Gorilla fan can be controlled by Any gorilla remote (Different models too)# Sleep mode, reduces speed automatically every 2 hours# Off timer (1~6 hours)# The LED in middle serves as night lamp# Even if you miss the remote, you can control speed easily using switch(Only in higher variants)# Looks so super stylish# Even lower energy consumption when used at low speeds# 3 years warranty, can be extended for one more yearCons# Is lightweight and has very minute wobbling# One of the fans i bought was buggy that the speed keeps going down and up when put in speed 5.# This model attracts more dust compared to Efficio models (Don’t know why)Is it really costly ?No. I can give you a simple calculation to prove it. An average person uses a fan 12 hours a day, which means a saving of 0.565 units daily compared to a 75 watt fan. (75-28)*12 = 565. Yearly you can save around 205 units of electricity, which means roughly 820 Rs a year (Assumed cost per KWH is 4 Rs, which is the minimum. In cities it’s higher than that).Cost of a good ceiling fan = 2500 RsExtra electricity consumed = 820 RsCost of a regulator = 300 Rs (I saved 600 Rs as my boards are Panasonic)Total cost for first year = 3620 RsPrice of Gorilla fan = 3800 RsSaving from second year = 820 RsSaving from third year = 820 Rsetc . etc. .It’s a fact that ceiling fan is most energy consuming device in every family, which many people are not aware of. 12 hours a day, a normal fan means, 0.9 units a day. If you have 3 rooms, 2.7 units a day. If you can change 3 fans to Gorilla fans, you can cut this to 1 unit a day for all the 3 fans.Are DC fans reliable?I have a mixed opinion here. My friend has been using a Super fan for few years now and Gorilla fan for an year now and he has no issues yet. But one among the 3 fans i purchased has a buggy firmware, now i have to replace it under warranty.How Good is the wind throw?The wind throw is better than a normal 75 watt as per the specs and real world tests. I remember the specs says 240 CM compared to 220 and 230 offered by popular brands.Should i buy this model or a cheaper model?I recommend this fan for living rooms and main halls only. For bed rooms you can go for cheaper Efficio model as it has less options and hence maybe more reliable. Efficio doesn’t looks so good and the remote is bigger. I didn’t like the Red LED compared to blue one on Renessa+Should i change all my fans at once?No. Don’t do that. Atomberg may launch more better and optimised models in the future. So start changing with those fans which you use the most.Overall, i would highly recommend this fan to anyone who is planning to buy a new fan. Please don’t compare the fan price with the super cheap ceiling fans as they are not durable and use cheaper materials. I remember one of my friends had 4 cheap luminous models and all of them were dead in less than 5 years of usage. So buy either Atomberg or Medium priced good brand fans only. Definitely DC fans can cut down your electric bills dramatically, i assure. You can start with one or two fans.

  3. Sudeep.B

    The media could not be loaded. Below is my Initial impression but pl read the update that I had added after 3 months of use.Initial impression:These are simply fantastic, replaced tye existing fan ib my parents home with this, the aim was to experience it before getting fans for my new house.The perfomance is better than normal fans for me, the fans should be able to pay back the extra money that you spend compared to normal fans in about three years. Also while building a new house you can ditch the cost of Regulators which cost around 1000 to 1500 Rs for good brands.The remote simplifies life, the sleep mode and timer modes are handy and is helpful in daily use.Service also has been good, attended my query eventhough small in two days.Update: 19 Feb 2022The fan started giving weird noises, raised complaint and technician visited in two days. So it seems the blades are out of balance. It is also wobbling which was a small concern initially but now it has worsened. They have orderd replacement blades, waiting for them and will update once received.Even though they are attending the issue as a company, I have started loosing my confidence in the product. After all we need peace of mind when it comes to fans.I bought 12 fans for my house and now I am really worried.The wall fan models they have is really noisy and I am not at all happy with them. If at all you are planning to buy any wall fans pl be sure that you give it a try in some local shops ( even though I tried, they dont usually stock the wall fans of Atomberg in these area) and see whether the sound levels are ok. I could hear them humming even from the second room to where they are placed.Update on 22 Sep 2022So all the ceiling fans that I have -12 of them-, are working fine and in excellent shape, The wall fans are also working fine, but they have a little different noise than the usual wall fans, seems I got used to it, so everything seems fine for now.Update on 31 March 23All fans are working fine and no problems whatsoever for a long time. This is the way foreward and energy savings will benefit in the long run.

  4. VinayVinay

    The media could not be loaded. Atomberg Renesa+ Fan looks very premium & stylish. It has excellent air delivery with 6 speed settings. There are 6 LED lights on the fan which give it a luxurious and rich look. Due to its wider blade design, this fan circulates the air in every corner of the room. I could feel the air circulation in every corner of my room.     The remote is really good and compact. All the functions of the remote are working properly. BLDC motor technology is really useful in reducing the electricity bill and the best part is that this fan does not generate any kind of heat like a normal fan. I also got a 3-year warranty on the fan.     The Atomberg technician Mr. Supresh Potale who installed our fan was very expert in his work. Our old fan was installed very incorrectly. The technician explained to us exactly how the fan should be installed. And he installed our new Atomberg fan very neatly and skillfully.     Overall, it was a good experience. I would definitely suggest you to buy this fan without any hesitation.

  5. Placeholder

    Atomberg is started first BLDC technology Fan. But after market service need to improve. My Fan was noisy just after the 2 month use. Service centre was quick good but technician visited 3 times then the issue is resolved.Don’t know what was wrong. But wrong with blades and motar both. Remaining Amazon packaging and delivery was great and up to the mark

  6. VishalVishal

    Writing this review after using the fan for 50 days.I bought this fan (Oak Wood finish – refer images) to replace my Crompton High Speed fan which had good air delivery but consumed a lot of power and would generate a significant amount of heat. My primary purpose to buy this fan was energy savings and aesthetic appeal.Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the air delivery of this fan yet I went ahead with the purchase.I ordered this fan on 2nd October 2020 and it was the delivered the next day. The packaging was good from Amazon as well as Atomberg. I installed the fan as soon as it was delivered. As soon as I switched on the fan, I was pleasantly surprised by the air delivery this fan had on offer.PROS:1) Excellent Air DeliveryThere are 6 speed settings on the fan. The fan is adequately slow on the first speed and it’s super fast on the 6th speed, no complaints whatsoever. I was amazed to find out that on the 6th speed the air delivery of this fan was far greater than that of my earlier Crompton High Speed fan. I could feel the air circulation in every corner of my 140sq ft room. That was really a pleasant surprise.2) No Heat GenerationThe fan didn’t generate any kind of heat since it is a BLDC fan. The fan is usually running 21 – 23 hours a day (from the last 20 days) in our bedroom and I did not have any problems with it. Zero heating even after the fan ran continuously for a period of 22 hours, it is really a beast. I sailed through the typical humid Mumbai October heat without feeling the heat due to this fan.Another point to add is that the air circulated by the fan is cooler as compared to other normal fans which come with normal AC motors which can attributed to the fact that there is no heat generated in BLDC fans.3) Backup Option (Toggle Mode)In case you lose/misplace the remote, the toggle option comes as a savior where you can operate the fan using the power switch itself. You have to toggle the power switch multiple times. I see many people complaining about the remote problem what if remote is lost, they either don’t own the product or maybe they haven’t read the user guide provided in with the fan.Please note that the toggle option works even when you have switched off the fan from the remote.4) WarrantyAtomberg provides you 3 years warranty for this fan which is again great considering the fact that other manufacturers usually offer 2 years warranty (there are a few exceptions through but they are priced higher).5) AestheticsThis beautiful fan is really a head turner, almost everyone who visited my house asked me about the fan. It is one of the best looking fans in the market.6) Value For MoneyA lot of people would be surprised that how is this fan VFM since it’s expensive, but all BLDC fans are expensive. Atomberg is offering a designer fan with great performance and the best of features. Considering the features offered by this fan and the technology used, this is undoubtedly a value for money product. Plus it reduces your electricity bills in the long run.7) Attention to detailThere are small things which have been taken care of by Atomberg like the paper packing where blades are attached to the motor to dampen out the vibrations from blades, screws on the canopies to ensure they don’t slide down/up along the rod (We live on the 9th floor, so there is a lot of air coming in from the windows, my old Crompton fan’s canopy used to slide down a few mm from the ceiling which impacted it’s air delivery, I had to adjust it once in a week, no such issues with Atomberg fan).Cons1) Not Anti-DustAlthough Atomberg claims this to be an anti dust fan but it does gather a some amount of dust and you have to clean it atleast once in a month or two. Atomberg can improve in this regard.2) RemoteThe remote is a really good & compact one but I personally think that you have to point directly at the fan for the remote to work. I really don’t know whether this is really an issue or maybe the AAA batteries may have less charge left in them.I never thought that an Indian company could provide such a great product. Atomberg has changed my perspective about Indian companies. Kudos Atomberg, come up with more such products in the future. Good job with this one.I would definitely suggest you to buy this fan without any second thought if it fits your budget.

  7. Nageswara Rao.Mavoori

    Customer care support Excellent….. ఇంకా కొన్ని రోజులు చూడాలి…..ఎప్పటికి ఐతే చాలా బాగుంది

  8. Kamaraj

    Noiseless high speed fan with lesser power consumption

  9. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    I have raised an complaint regarding bearing noise.But Technician came and adjusted the blade.Now problem solved.I think that technician is best in problem solving.Hat’s off to him.

  10. Placeholder

    it’s a fan

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