ECOVACS Deebot N10 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner,Latest 2023 Launch,4300 Pa Powerful Suction,5200 Mah Battery,Covers 4000+ Sq. Ft. In One Charge,Advanced Dtof Technology True Mapping 2.0,White,Robotic

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Special Feature

‎Wet & Dry Simultaneous Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Advanced dToF Mapping Technology (2x wider, 4x effective than old technology)



Product Dimensions

‎43L x 16W x 49H Centimeters

Included Components

Side Brush, Main Roller Brush, HEPA Filter, Reusable Mopping Cloth

Filter Type


Battery Life

‎330 Minutes


‎240 Volts


‎26 Milliliters

Power Source

‎Battery Powered

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Form Factor

‎Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Compatible Devices

‎Smartphones, Amazon Echo, Tablets, Google Home



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47121602 (Vacuum cleaners) Report an incorrect code


Frootle India Private Limited


Frootle India Private Limited

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6.7 g

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1.00 count

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#1,943 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #1 in Robotic Vacuums

10 reviews for ECOVACS Deebot N10 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner,Latest 2023 Launch,4300 Pa Powerful Suction,5200 Mah Battery,Covers 4000+ Sq. Ft. In One Charge,Advanced Dtof Technology True Mapping 2.0,White,Robotic

  1. Jayakrishnan RJayakrishnan R

    The media could not be loaded. Model : DEEBOT N8I had bought Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 from amazon last week. So I’m writing this review after a week of usage and I am going a bit into detail as I know the pain of not finding a non-paid detailed review from a real user.Delivery :Super Fast Delivery by amazon to Kochi within a day. So I got it delivered under 30 Hours of placing the order.Packaging and In the Box Contents:Packaging was neat and well packed. There was no outer covering by Amazon. Once the brown carton by DEEBOT is opened there is another packing inside it with the name and picture of the product.Contents: 1. A thick User Manual in multiple languages 2. DEEBOT N8( Dust collection box(fitted with HEPA filter) is already fitted inside the DEEBOT 3. 2 Side brushes ( Green and Red) 4. Charging Dock and Cable 5. A mopping Plate fitted with re-usable mopping pad 6. A pack of 10 disposable mopping pads.Usage: The suction power is pretty good and so the vacuuming. It collects pretty good amount of dust every time. It even collects the minutest of the dust particles which are hardly visible to our eyes. And once it cleans the floor, I do feel the difference of a clean floor even just with Vacuum alone. It definitely cleans better than the usual cleaning done with a broom. The Mopping functionality also does a decent job which makes me a satisfied customer. When I say that mopping is good, let me set the expectations right for the readers. Mopping does not clean hard sticky dirt. Mopping is good when the floor does not have any sticky hard specks of dirt. The expectation from mopping should be something like you are wiping the floor with a wet microfibre kind of cloth without applying much pressure on it. So it cleans up any dirt which can be easily removed without applying any pressure.For me, I am very happy with the product when you make it to clean the house every day or once in two days at least. If we plan to clean the house once in a week, the mopping might not be as effective as the dirt gets hard to be cleaned as days pass by. So colloquially I can say that this machine would does the job better than a not-so-honest household help :D.Navigation and Mapping : The LDS Navigation works pretty well. It detects the big obstacles 98% of the time but at times it crashes and then understands that there is no way there and takes deviation. At times it does not detect the legs of chairs and then crashes at the legs. And I had faced a situation where the robo didn’t detect a small plate lying on the ground with some food on it, and it crashed the plate and spilled the food all over. I have never faced any situation where the Robo has got stuck and not able to get out. But do remember that loose cables lying on the ground is a problem. The Robo gets messed up with cables. So do ensure that there are no loose cables on the ground when the Robo is at work.The Mapping is really good and it maps the house correctly and it is really fast as well. The Robo need not travel to each corner to get it mapped. As soon as the Robo enters a room, almost 70- 80% would gets mapped. Once the mapping is completed you can save up to two maps. (say the first floor and ground floor). I feel that is a limitation. It would have been great if it had the storage for at least 5 maps.Experience with Customer Care: As far as I have interacted with Ecovacs customer care email, I do get responses within 48 hours and the experience is good.Pros and Cons:Pros: 1. Installation and initial set up is pretty easy. 2. Great suction power and it vacuums even the finest particles gets sucked in even with standard suction. 3. Max and Max+ suction options are also available, but it drains battery a little faster. 4. I tested the suction with a safety pin of medium size (~1 inch length) and it gets sucked in to the dust collector with standard suction. 5. Mopping is decent. If the expectation is not very high, you should be happy with it. 6. Mapping is great! And it allows us to select a particular room or particular custom area within a room to be cleaned. 7. The corner/Edge cleaning is also good. It hardly leaves a space as the size of a 10 Rupee coin in the corner uncleaned. 8. Drop sensor is great! I even tried it on a table and It worked really well. 9. Covers Vaccum + mopping of around 650 sqft in one hour. 10. Integration with Alexa works good. 11. Electronically controllable water flow is great! 12. Sound is minimal when compared to traditional vaccum cleaners. There is also a quiet mode. And Max+ mode creates some noise.Cons: 1. Mopping plate does not reach till the edges, so mopping is not that effective at the edges/corners of the wall. 2. Only 2 maps could be saved. You would need to remove one existing map to add a third map. 3. Area/Custom Selection is available only when maps are saved. 4. When mopping plate is attached – No option to Vacuum only 5. N8 has no other colour options other than white 6. No option to select any particular pattern for cleaning( like Y pattern/ Spiral ) 7. Gets Messed up if there are any loose cables lying on the groundMats/cloth mats that are lightweight need to be moved out before the Robo is in operation, else it tries to suck it inside and gets messed up.

  2. Sooraj j.

    I’ve been using this robotic cleaner for a few weeks now, and I’m extremely impressed with its performance. It effortlessly navigates through my home, tackling dirt and debris with ease. The scheduling feature is convenient, allowing me to come home to a spotless floor every day. The battery life is excellent, providing enough power to clean my entire house in one go. Plus, the app integration makes it easy to monitor and control the cleaner from anywhere. Overall, I highly recommend this robotic cleaner for anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine

  3. Pkn

    Product is highly useful and excellent performance. It cleans home effectively. Worth purchasing. Finally I got rid of maid and now life is peaceful. Only difficulty is in cleaning the product but still worth using it. Initially mapping was confusing but later I could successfully do it. Remote access and other features are highly commendable.

  4. Ramanujam Chakravarthi

    Features are good . Using it from past 7 months and it’s working excellently. Easy to clean and user friendly app. I only feel that Technician must come and show a demo of it for such an expensive product .

  5. Jerry

    I recently tried out the Ecovacs Robomop, and I’m thoroughly impressed, especially with its Demo feature.Setup was easy, and once it started, the Robomop efficiently cleaned my floors, even reaching tight spaces and under furniture. But what truly stands out is the Demo partner, Vignesh. He provided an excellent demonstration, explaining the features and benefits of the Robomop in a clear and concise manner. Vignesh’sexpertise made the Demo experience enjoyable and informative, leaving me confident in the product’s capabilities.

  6. jai

    Very effective and efficient robo vaccum cleaner. Maps the whole house. The app is very user friendly. The demo was very good . The demo and installation was done by Mr. Manikandan who did very good explanation. And even after installation he cleared the doubts. Can buy worth the money

  7. Allen Elrich

    I received my order on time, Two days later the demo was done by Mr Pugazhenthi, he gave us how the product works while also teaching us in-depth cleaning techniques about what I could clean and what i could not. He did explain about the benefits of extended warranty and I feel it is very necessary as my old ecovacs N8 had a pump problem, and it was replaced within warranty.


    ఒకరోజు ఉపయోగించిన తర్వాత ఇది వ్రాస్తున్నాను.క్లీనింగ్ మరియు మాపింగ్ ఒకే సారి చేస్తుంది.చాలా పవర్ఫుల్ క్లీనింగ్. మాపింగ్ ఇంకా చేయలేదు.630 sft క్లీన్ చేయడానికి 77 నిముషాలు పట్టింది.క్లీనింగ్ చాలా బాగుంది.ప్రతిరోజు మ్యాపింగ్ అవసరం లేనంతగా వుంది.పనిమనిషి కూడా అంత బాగా చేయలేదు.కంటికి కనపడని ధూళి కూడా పోతుంది.కుక్కలు, పిల్లులు వుంటే ఇది వుండాలి.The installation and Live Demo is given by Ecovacs Engineer Mr. Shivaji Rakasi in my local language (Telugu) which is very useful and enabled me to do cleaning on my own till now. There is No occassion to call him for any help in person.Yesterday, I have noticed that one Nut(for bolt) weighing nearly 2-3 grams, was also sucked by the Robot. It is that much powerful in sucking. It is advisable to clean the Filter after every cleaning so that cushion filter will be very effective in sucking very minute dust like talcum powder also.It is advised to remove obstacles in its way to complete cleaning very quickly and it saves BATTERY POWER also. For example, I am able to complete 700 sft area in around 60-70 minutes and by using 25-30 % battery power. This is my latest review after using it for 10 days.

  9. Saral komal

    The media could not be loaded. I really liked this robotic vacuum cleaner it’s a sturdy good quality robotic vacuum cleaner and value for money it’s really a worth buying I am using it since three months ago and still i didn’t face any problem not even a little but I faced problems two three times with the ecovacs app but not with robot the problem is map which lagged at first three four use but after a month ago there is a new update for the app so i updated the app and it’s working amazing the performance of this robotic vacuum cleaner is very good so go for it 👍 but I will update my review after one year if I face any problem

  10. Sharmila

    We bought this product mainly because we were unable to clean dog fur by just sweeping. Deebot removes every single fur and any dust on the floor. It’s just 3 days since I am using it. I thought these products are not meant for Indian homes but I was wrong. Really worth the money! Demo was given by Mr. Manikandan who clearly explained the features and maintenance of the product.

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