Kuvings B1700 Dark Silver Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer,Patented JMCS Technology for 10% More Juice,All-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer,12 Years warranty,Home Service Across India, 240 watts

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‎Dark Silver

Special Feature

‎Whole Fruit Processing, Ultem Auger with Advanced JMCS Technology

Product Dimensions

‎46D x 28W x 36H Centimeters

Product Care Instructions

‎Hand Wash Only


‎400 Milliliters

Maximum Power

‎240 Watts

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Blade Material

‎ULTEM (High Quality Material used in Spacecrafts)


‎240 Volts

Number of Speeds


Country of Origin


Item model number

‎Dark Silver Juicer




52141511 (Domestic juicers) Report an incorrect code

Item Weight

9 kg 250 g

Net Quantity

1.00 Unit

Included Components

Patented Cleaning Kit with Green Cleaning Tool, Juice Topset, Juicer Body with High Quality 240 W AC Motor, Juice Jar & Pulp Jar, Patented ULTEM Auger, Quick Start Guide & Operating Manual

Generic Name

Cold Press Juicer

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#1,498 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #2 in Cold Press Juicers

10 reviews for Kuvings B1700 Dark Silver Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer,Patented JMCS Technology for 10% More Juice,All-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Juicer,12 Years warranty,Home Service Across India, 240 watts

  1. Aahan KrishAahan Krish

    As a vegetarian I wanted to supplement my diet with extra, natural nutrients without having to bulk up the amount of food I eat. I initially resorted to blending to retain the natural fibres and keep it whole, but it was still a lot. So juicing it is, fresh everyday, with all sorts of fruits and vegetables that are safe to eat raw.This was to be my first juicer (and the second in my household) so it required quite a bit of reading and understanding to decide what’s best for my needs. Let’s see if it helps.SLOW/MASTICATING/COLD-PRESS JUICER (SJ) vs. FAST/CENTRIFUGAL JUICER (FJ)• PRICE: FJs are generally cheaper and more affordable. But I am as serious about juicing everyday as I am about cooking, so while this was an important consideration, it wasn’t going to be a deciding factor—as long as it was affordable. I was going for Rs. 10k or thereabouts, but had to bite the bullet in the end as you can see.• SPEED: FJs operate fast to be able to spin the juice out through a filter with centrifugal force, so the RPM matters. On the other hand, SJs run slowly because they need to grind and squeeze the produce to get the juice through a filter without causing too much friction (and heat as a result). This reflects in how fast the jucing is done, where FJs win but SJs available today aren’t much further off.• POWER: A powerful motor allows the juicer to handle tough fruits and vegetables effortlessly. It is my understanding that the top of the line FJs pack a strong 800-watt motor whereas prosumer SJs come with a 200+ W motor.• EFFICIENCY & YIELD: SJs offer excellent juice quality, are more efficient thanks to the process of juicing involved, and therefore are good for juicing a wider range of produce. A more efficient breakdown of the plant fibres means not only more juice (i.e. less juice or wetness in the ejected pulp) but more nutrients from crushed plant cells and membranes. This also means the juice is more rich and colourful from SJs. You need to understand that the yield isn’t too bad with FJs (there’s perhaps a 5-10% difference), except with leafy greens (e.g. spinach, amaranth, wheatgrass, etc.) and soft fruits (e.g. berries), as far as I know—where SJs seem to outperform them. In general, SJs excel across the widest range of ingredients in comparison.• HEAT: This is generally brought up as a disadvantage of FJs. I don’t believe it as I’ve found the claims to be generally unrealistic. For normal day-to-day use, say for 1 or 2 people, the amount of heat generated is going to be inconsequential to the nutritiousness of the juice, including enzyme activity and oxidation, for immediate intake.• CONTINUOUS OPERATION. While heat should not an issue for most, what you must consider is the limit on continuous running time. Some brands recommend not juicing for more than 45 seconds per session and that information is hidden somewhere in their juicer’s manual, specs or product video. Depending on your needs this may be a severe limitation imposed by some FJs. Good SJs, on the other hand, can run safely for 15+ minutes.• NOISE: Even the good FJs are damn noisy and loud, close to a blender, I’d say. The only prominent noise SJs produce is that of the crushing sound of the produce you are juicing. SJs are so quiet, who knew?! Color me surprised!• FOAM/FROTH: Foam is what collects at the top of the juice, whereas froth is tight air bubbles mixed together with the juice. The thing is, foam is easier to separate from the juice; just use your palm or a big spoon to hold it when pouring juice into a glass and voila, just juice. Not only is gulping frothy juice is hard, it also discolours more quickly due to oxidation resulting in a much shorter shelf life of the juice. Depending upon the fruit or vegetable being juiced, FJs produce frothy juice with some foam to go. SJ juice is barely frothy, if ever (e.g. with leafy greens), in my experience. SJs are brilliant in this regard. This distinction is something you don’t see mentioned clearly enough and one that people commonly misunderstand or misstate.• SIZE & WEIGHT: FJs are comparatively fairly compact and light. For e.g. Philips’ fast juicer HR1855/70 (Viva Collection) weighs 4.2 kg vs. their 5.8 kg masticating juicer HR1887/81 (Viva Collection). On the other hand, the Kuvings B1700 weighs 10.3 kg, but that’s okay, it’s still easy to move around. This goes in the “doesn’t matter” territory for me.GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS• Download and read the product manuals; view the official product how-to videos before making a decision. Some of the important aspects and information, that you’d otherwise miss, are always in there somewhere.• It’s beyond doubt that both FJs and SJs give a highly nutritious juice. Claims made online or by the companies often wildly exaggerate the difference in quality between them. It’s some pseudo-science, backed by limited research that’s not necessarily peer-reviewed. So beware!• CLEANING: Newer models in both lines of juicers are easy to clean and roughly take just about the same amount of time.• SERVICING: Be sure to confirm with the companies that the area you are in is serviceable or has a service centre for the product you are purchasing. For e.g. I am having a terrible time getting my faulty Microsoft Surface Pro 7 replaced, having to travel ~ 600 km to get the replacement myself.• If you want any juicer to last, cut/slice whatever you are feeding into it, irrespective of what the company claims. When you take care of things, they last, unless the product is crap in the first place. This is coming from experience.THE REVIEWAll the points stated above about slow juicers (SJs) are actually based on my experience using the Kuvings B1700, along side the reading, of course.I’ve been using it for over a fortnight now, and it’s been beyond satisfactory so far. I am very happy with my purchase and the only thing that’s left to see is how long this thing lasts! (The 10-year warranty on the gear & motor and 1 year warranty on the product definitely help.)• You’ll receive a welcome message on WhatsApp sometime after delivery. It provides information regarding the extended warranty offer (+2 years upon registering your purchase on their website) and links to some useful video guides to get you started.• Simple and fast assembly and disassembly in under a minute once you get used to it. I recommend learning it carefully.• All the parts that touch the food are made with stainless steel (e.g. juice strainer/filter) and BPA-Free food grade plastic.• The juice generated by some kinds of produce (especially leafy greens and cabbage, for example) is astounding. Definitely beat my expectations. Who knew!?• Just to see how things work out and to learn more about it, I juiced all sorts of fruits and vegetables available around my place, including: leafy greens (spinach, amaranth, wheatgrass, mint, coriander), cabbage, snake gourd, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, beetroots, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet melons, papayas, pomegranates, sweet limes, apples and pineapples. The B1700 handled them very well without breaking a sweat.• The feeding tube is large enough (76 mm) to drop whole medium-sized fruits & vegetables (that aren’t too hard) like apples; peeled oranges, sweet limes, and pomegranates; kiwi; tomatoes; etc., although I prefer not to.• The ejected pulp wasn’t as dry as dry grass (my expectations be damned!), but it didn’t have any level of juiciness to it, which was a great relief.• It retains some fibre, producing juice that is just about the right consistency for me—not watery, not thick in any way.• Allows for continuous non-stop run time of 30 minutes. It takes less than 10 minutes for the two of us.• The 240 W motor runs quietly, and is powerful enough to juice tough produce comfortably. For comparison, most other slow juicers pack a 150-watt motor, including Philips’s flagship Viva Collection Masticating juicer HR1887/81.• Can do more than just juicing if you purchase their accessories (not included), including nut milks, smoothies and sorbets.• Cleaning is simple and easy, and takes anywhere between 5±2 minutes depending upon how thorough you want to be. Most of your time is spent cleaning the strainer/filter, as with any juicer. No surprises there, but the rotating brush and the cleaning brush in the kit make it fairly easy if you follow the instructions provided in the user manual and the introductory videos. All it takes is some getting used to.• After-sales support is also available on WhatsApp and they respond fairly quickly.Personally I don’t see a reason why anyone would want to get a fast juicer anymore, if not for their price.Good luck finding your ideal juicer!


    This juicer is very good. We can make juice v.quickly & easily.it is v.easy to clean, this juicer is silent, it doesn’t make much noise, we can make both juice in it of vegetables & fruit juice, the company person also helped to give demo of how it works, v.liitle wastage comes out from it, over all we loved it.You can surely go for it .

  3. AbinayaAbinaya

    The media could not be loaded. Bought the kuvings juicer on amazon prime day. We had an omega masticating juicer during our stay in overses & had to leave it back as it was 110v & could not be used in India. I drink upto 1L of juices per day. Hence a cold press juicer was inevitable to me.Hestia & other juicers vs kuvings:To all the people confused between hestia vs kuvings here are some comparison. my close friend has hestia nutri-max which did some good juicing. Both kuvings & hestia had high grade ULTEM made auger, AC motor, good customer care, similar juice extraction & similar attachment. But hestia had some drawbacks1. Hestia looked all plasticy & flimsy. Kuvings felt better quality plastic & metal parts.2. Hestia was chinese made. Kuvings is Korean make (a personal choice)3. Hestia has No service center outside pune/Mumbai. Main factor why I rejected it. You have to ship the product to their pune office everytime you are faced with a problem. It doesn’t make sense to buy a product for 20k & have no local service center for help. Kuvings had service center in my hometown & major cities. Plus they do house calls, you don’t need to go to their center. They respond almost immediately to queries on WhatsApp.Panasonic – rejected as parts were scarce & even Panasonic service person had no idea on their cold press product.Hurom – one of the best, but the base model in the B1700 range had drawbacks compared to kuvings. Their top models had the pulp controller which was nice but not present in the lower variants & kuvings b1700 had better VFM.Kuvings Juicer:The juicer arrived within a week. Immediately after receiving got a call from kuvings that their demo person would make a Video call (with lock down no in person demo). Scheduled a session with the courteous person & she explained me all the steps from assembly to juicing to cleaning. Tried the following mocktails which all tasted excellent,1. Apple + orange + cucumber + ginger2. Green apple +lime +mint +ginger3. ABC – Apple + beet root + carrot4. pineapple +carrot +lime5. celery +orange +mint6. mosambi + cucumber + green grape + honey7. watermelon + cucumber +ginger8. Orange + pear + lime9. Grapes + blueberries10. Pomogranete + lime +mint11. Pineapple + mosambi12. Strawberry + orange + kiwi13. Musk melon14. Coconut milk15. Almond milkTrouble shooting:Some answers for your problem.1. Pulp left around the auger & container (ex apple) – mix thick (apple) & high water fruits (orange/pomo) to avoid pulp build. Also use ripe fruits (Gala, Washington apple). Beets & carrots soak in water for 30min before juicing.2. Pulp stuck – use the reverse button to declog. Do not over feed. Wait for the fruit to be juiced before putting another. Cut thick veggies like beets & carrots to smaller size & then drop inside3. Noise – it’s a friction noise between the rotating basket’s silicon & the walls of of the juice container. Meaning there is nothing else to crush.4. Pulp still wet – you can agian use the same pulp for more extraction. I’ve tried this on almond & coconut milk & not on fruits as the seeds will get crushed the second time resulting in bitterness.5. Juice extraction is sub optimal – mix thick fruits (apple carrots beets) with high water fruits (pomo grape orange). For leafy & thick fruits(carrot /beets/coconut/almond) soak them in water for 30min & then juice it.6. Cleaning is mess – after juicing, pour in water till 400ml & let the machine run for a minute. The extra pulps will start to come out. To clean the juice Strainer use the green cleaner tool by rotating it under running water for 30sec. To clean the container, remove the bottom rubber part & clean under running water.7. Pulp taste bitter – big seed fruits like the mosambi gets seeds crushed & starts to taste bitter. Better I juice them in citrus juicers or remove the seeds before juicing.8. Pulp in juice – orange & apples do have some pulp in their juices. Some like it some don’t. If you don’t like the pulp use a juice filter. But the pulp coming from kuvings is good in fibre.Pros:1. Healthy cold press juice (abc, detox)2. No nutrients loss rich in fiber unlike centrifugal3. Added usage of sorbet attachment (yet to test)4. Mix various fruits for combination5. Large chute, you can drop a full orange or apple directly inside.6. Saves time compared to centrifugal juice7. Excellent customer care8. high build quality, ULTEM auger BPA free9. 10yrs warranty on motors10. Close to silent operationCons:1. The parts seems to be costlier compared to competitors. So need to be careful while handling especially if its cleaned by your maid.2. Big seeded fruits (mosambi) need the seeds to removed (extra work)3. If you are making heavy juicing like for party you cannot continuously juice for more than 30-45min. This is one of a situation.4. Minute particles stuck in the juice strainer even after multiple cleaning (grapes)5. Cleaning the juice container pulp need to remove the rubber part in the bottom. Sometime the pulp gets stuck & you have to rework.Luckily the cleaning is taken care of by my maid. I just inspect them post the cleaning.Some suggestions:1. Do not let the juice over flow, empty the juice when it reaches 400ml mark.2. Fruits like muskmelon & mango are Better suitable for centrifugal juicer & smoothie making as we consume the entire fruit & they never have any pulp leftover.3. Cut apples to remove the seeds as apple seeds release cyanide on contact with intestine enzymes. Also Remove the skin of apple to avoid the wax (contamination)4. To avoid bitter taste, remove the seeds (big ones) from fruit like mosambi. Or use a citrus juicer.If you still feel juice is not upto the mark you can buy the evo700 & 820 edition which have Upgraded version in juicing. But for a budget & entry level B1700 is the best choice.

  4. Shivani

    I recently purchased a juicer, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The efficiency and speed at which it extracts juice from various fruits and vegetables are truly impressive.The sleek design not only adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen but also makes the juicer easy to clean and maintain.What sets this juicer apart is its powerful performance – it effortlessly handles everything from leafy greens to hard fruits, producing a smooth and nutrient-rich juice. The noise level is surprisingly low, providing a pleasant juicing experience.I appreciate the thoughtful features, such as the large feeding chute that minimizes prep time, and the pulp separator, ensuring I get the purest juice without any unwanted residue.This juicer has become an indispensable part of my daily routine, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient appliance for their kitchen.

  5. NC Sujata

    Carrot and watermelon juices were uses for demo. Machine assembly looks simple and juices were clear. Jaiyesh was the demo person who explained the functioning and cleaning very well.

  6. Divya Nimavat

    Its cold press technology preserves nutrients, while its powerful motor effortlessly juices a variety of produce. Cleanup is easy and its compact design saves space. Quiet operation and durability round out its impressive features. Perfect for health enthusiasts of all levels. Highly recommended!

  7. Jagdish SakhraniJagdish Sakhrani

    Online demo completed by Zafar Khan. Valuable tips provided for operating the machine. Zafar has good grip over product features and was able understand my queries very quickly. Satisfied with demo given. Good part is I was made to operate the machine giving me first hand experience of operating the machine.

  8. MRIDUL M.

    Anish Kumar is a very humble person and super skilled and gave us a very good demonstration about the product and explained to useverything from how to assemble it, and how to wash and clean the juicer to maintain it for a long. He is very efficient and resolves all of our queries. Overall I am super happy with the juicer and demonstration of the product.

  9. R sid

    I m in love with this product. I hv been using it for a month. This is really good. It’s service demo was also given by Manish Kumar. Manish explained everything in detail. Manish showed how to operate the product in a very humble and polite manner.

  10. Shashwat KC

    This product is an excellent value for money and a must for health seekers 👌✨. Sturdy and stylish .My queries, issues and doubts were very aptly handled by the Kuvings Customer service . Special mention for Customer care executive Mehek ji , Great job on handling my issue of replacement of a part so quickly and professionally. Mehek ji , “Your positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for customers is appreciated.” Also , Mr Pratham who introduced the functions and handling of the product to us . Mr Pratham “You demonstrated excellent product knowledge during that call, which helped the customer feel confident in their purchase.”Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

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