Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop, Soft Touch Button with Crystal Glass (Black)

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Included Components

Induction cooktop and User manual

Special Feature

‎Auto Shut Off



Heating Elements


Product Dimensions

‎34.5D x 10.5W x 43.2H Centimeters


‎2100 Watts

Controls Type

‎Push Button


‎220 Volts

Burner type




Item Weight

2 kg 100 g

Power Source

‎Corded Electric


Philips, Versuni India Home Solutions Ltd. (3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park,08 Block AF Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat) Kolkata WB 700156 IN)

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Item model number

‎HD 4928/01




52141500 (Domestic kitchen appliances) Report an incorrect code


Versuni India Home Solutions Ltd. (3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park,08 Block AF Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat) Kolkata WB 700156 IN)

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1 count

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Induction Cooptop

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#112 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #2 in Induction Cooktops

10 reviews for Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop, Soft Touch Button with Crystal Glass (Black)

  1. Deepa

    Great cooktop. It’s the first time I’m trying induction. Packaged well enough to prevent damage/breakage of glass top, though had expected more protective packaging. Was delivered the very next morning (had ordered it the night before from Cloudtail), as I have subscribed to Prime. Very quick delivery.About the product itself: Worked well from the very first second. Works perfectly with steel and induction base utensils. If the size or material (experimented with other dishes) is not right, it does not start up but warns you with a constant beeping, till you take the item off and restart with the correct cookware. Very happy with the product (been using for a day), heats milk in a jiffy (about 2 minutes on 1000 w), made tea using a steel tea vessel and cheese sandwiches using an induction base pan. Doesn’t scorch the pan, easy fast cooking, easy to use. Kitchen doesn’t heat up the way it does with a gas cooktop and easy on arms since it is faster (the main reasons I intended to try induction). Need to try making normal Indian meals including rotis (need to buy an appropriate tawa for roti and dosa). Saves a lot of time. I will update at a later point after using for a while. However, extremely happy and thrilled with it for now. Wondering why I didn’t buy it much earlier (no, actually, I do know: it’s cause we were afraid it would use too much electricity and our bill would go sky high through the roof)! Need to see what my electricity bill looks like after a month of use, but from the reviews on amazon and on the internet, induction cooking is supposed to be energy efficient, so hopefully will not be high. I will update on this as well later. Cord is long enough (for my purposes a little too long actually). Very light and portable, easy to move around the kitchen. Had expected it to be heavy, but it’s surprisingly not. A little higher than expected from the base of the kitchen slab though due to the small raised knobs/legs, but guess the space is needed for the fan to cool off the cooktop.Adds a cool tech look to my kitchen too 🙂 Now I feel I have a fully equipped kitchen! Slight noise from the fan, but that is fine as it actually helps you to know it is on and working.All in all a great purchase at almost 50% of it’s actual price, really worth it.Update:1 day later, made methi rotis and boiled potatoes for alu raita. The methi rotis came out very well, well cooked through in less time than on gas. First heating of the tawa takes a little time (about 1 roti) to really heat up, but after that you can make them pretty fast, without as as much perspiration as in gas cooktop. What a blessing. I had the kitchen fan on, too (which could not be used with flame as it would waver). I played music and danced (literally) to Coldplay while making rotis (believe me first time ever). Used the roti/dosa button to regulate the temp etc and all was easy.Potatoes were boiled using my Pigeon induction cooker (at last found one more use for it) 🙂 As others have commented before, the Pressure Cook button seems not to work well (at least for Indian conditions?). After 15 minutes steam was still not coming out of the cooker. So gave up, returned to (by now familiar) Manual button. In 10 minutes my potatoes were ready (after 3 whistles). Cooled them and made delicious, cool alu raita to go with the rotis. Looking forward to making more dishes on this cooktop. I’m only keeping fingers crossed now that it continues to work well for months / years more as some other reviewers pointed out issues at a later stage (sometimes electronic products do get problems). But can still get it repaired or replaced I suppose. Otherwise, well, we buy mobiles and other stuff for quite a few thousands without regrets, why can’t we spend less than a quarter of that for kitchen gadgets, which make cooking in an Indian kitchen during the hot summer months especially, a pleasure? Worth the risk. And Philips is a reputed brand, so here’s hoping the products do last for years.

  2. AnandAnand

    FIRST.. a note: Amazon needs an hour to upload my 5min video, so i dont know if it will appear in my review. I bet many of us have many useful and practical suggestions for Amazon, but they do not seem to care.SECOND .. Small heads up: a) This cooktop can handle only cookware with base dia (actual flat contact with induction plate) of 12CM to 20CM. b) Stir frying is always better with open flame i.e gas/wok/high flame outdoor burners etc. Saute on this cooktop will be just OK. c) Cooktime, heat transfer, temperature control all depend more on the cookware you use on this. The economical ones on Amazon wont give you best results. d) Do not leave cookware on the stovetop, remove after cooking(heat and weight issues). You can utilise the residual heat on the plate to warm up ghee or butter in any flat bottom dish after you turn power on cooktop off. Turn off mains only after fan has stopped and residual heat light goes off.e) If you like soups, like me, slow cook for 1hr (not possible on gas) to extract max flavor.THIRD..the REVIEW: It starts with a big thanks to the manufacturer,seller,delivery agency,Amazon and all those anonymous support staff who made it possible for my new baby to be delivered home. RetailEZ , tyvm. I look for your name now and will pay extra to get same item from you than from others. Last time, i ordered an oven to arrive 2days before a kid’s birthday, they did not deliver it even though it reached the local delivery point and I was a PRIME member at the time. This time, i’m very happy.About the cooktop… 2100W is very good. You need all the power you can get to try to make good stir fry on induction. Used 1200W earlier ocassions, stuff just gets boiled with hardly any caramelization. Preset MENUs… excellent. Manual, slow cook and pressure cook tried out, work awesome. SLOW COOK and Pause features are a dream for those who like to slow braise. NOISE LEVELs….decently low. good volume of indicator sounds and tolerable induction sound even at highest power. CLEANING… easy to wipe clean, liquids do not get into electronic or hard to clean crevices. A simple soft absorbent cloth kepty handy will go a long way to keep baby’s face nice n shiny. EASE of USE… controls are simple. IF in doubt, just press MANUAL, then adjust power/temperature with +/- buttons, standby like with gas stove. 2 or 3 times of cooking and you will get the hang of it. VALUE for MONEY… If this is the same Philips company that made my mixie, this cooktop will probably run till parts reach the end of their useful life. I’ll be happy if i can use this for five years and save up to buy the next new tech cooktop that comes along.SUMMARY: Just buy it. This review is after 3 days use. But i have used induction cooktops a lot. I would recommend this one to my friends.p.s: Video did not upload. Used to wonder why videos are so short in reviews, now i know. Anyways, it was a 5 minute video demo on a litre of water boiling in Amazons Solimo 3 litre dutch oven with induction base, it took 4.5 minutes to raise 24degC water to a bubbling boil.ty an good day.

  3. ⚡ Pushpendra Singh Patel ⚡⚡ Pushpendra Singh Patel ⚡

    This is my 3rd purchase of this Induction cooktop by Philips. I got 2 of these in Oct 2017 and both are working good so far, without a single issue. Earlier it was for my relatives but this time requirement came from my own kitchen. So without any second thought, I ordered this one, owing to wonderful past experience with the same product.•••••••••••••••••••🎁 INSIDE BOX•••••••••••••••••••→ Induction cooktop→ Safety leaflet→ User ManualCord length: 1.5 m approxMax power: 2100 wattsWarranty: 1 Year••••••••••••➕ PROS••••••••••••1. Stylish & durable cooktop for the kitchen.2. Works great with lots of preset options for cooking.3. Works with a good range of iron/magnetic base cookware, bottom diameter 12-20cm.4. Every mode has an accompanying led indicator above the button.5. Manual mode in any induction is kind of a blessing to have full control over the cooking process.6. Many preset modes can also be adjusted as per the required temperature and cooking time.7. +/- can be used to adjust both temperature and timer.••••••••••••➖ CONS••••••••••••1. The only thing I miss here is a startup kit, which Philips if it includes, will be a fantastic addon.Still it’s a 5-star ★★★★★ device for the price point.•••••••••••••••••••••••••PANEL & BUTTONS•••••••••••••••••••••••••Upper Row L-R1. Manual button2. Roti/Dosa button3. Gravy button4. Residual heat indicator5. Digital numbered display6. Stir fry button7. Slow cook button8. Pressure cook buttonLower Row L-R1. Temperature button2. Timer button3. Decrease button4. Temperature and power indicator5. Increase button6. Pause button7. On/Off button•••••••••••••••USAGE TIPS•••••••••••••••→ Use utensils with induction base only. Normal steel utensils also work but are very less efficient. Aluminium ones won’t work here.→ The glass plate gets hot during usage. Handle it with caution. The residual heat indicator remains on to show the status of heat.→ The plastic body surrounds the glass and even the control panel is plastic made. So make sure to handle hot utensils carefully avoiding contact with the plastic body. I had my induction’s control panel zone deformed due to this.→ Keep vents clean and have sufficient space around induction, for it to have proper forced air circulation. It’s an important process to keep the internals cool as its all electronics inside.•••••••••••••••••••••IMPORTANT ADVICE•••••••••••••••••••••▶ Never ever let liquid spill on the induction. It’s the major cause of failures in these cooktops. Water or liquid seeps in through the joint of the glass and control panel and damages the electronic circuit there.••••••••••••••••🏆 VERDICT••••••••••••••••Philips goes by the name and never disappoints wrt quality and performance of the product. That’s my experience so far with a range of Philips products.▶ In 2k+ range, this one is recommended without any second thought. Philips also has another model with further attractive looks and touch interface, but that costs 1k more for nothing extra in terms of core features.▶ Getting a cheaper one is not recommended as you face a lot of issues and generally these devices are not easily serviceable. So to avoid trouble, get a good one. I have tried many different brands like Havells, Prestige, Pigeon, etc but the experience was not good. I even got them repaired 4-5 times but now all are lying in the scrapyard.

  4. Anjali Upadhyay

    Its amazing, easy to use and excellent producy if u stay alone or wish to casualy use it, been using it since quite sometime now and did not face any issue,Manual level works best as you can adjust the cooking level. Since flame level in conventional ones works differntly it might take u 3-4 cooking cycles to get adjusted to this one since it cooks quickly

  5. samuel

    Cons1. Button pad plastic protect cover torn off at very easy2. Glass quality must be improved3. Malfunctions some times

  6. ayyaj aatarayyaj aatar

    This actually nice product but don’t know why there are some brown spots.But still it’s working very nice.I will recommend you to read the instructions carefully before you use this.

  7. nagendra

    Fulfilled our expectations.Cooking is very fast.No issues so far.

  8. alok pal

    Best Product


    Executive and excellent product

  10. Naveen Kumar

    Build quality good….user friendly and useful product

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