SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W (White) with Plasmacluster™ Ion Technology, Haze Mode, Odour & Dust Sensor, True HEPA & Deodorizing Filter| Coverage Area up to 320 ft²

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Product Dimensions

‎20.9D x 38.3W x 54H Centimeters

Floor Area

‎320 Square Feet

Specification Met

‎ISO 9001

Noise Level

‎49 dB

Particle Retention Size

‎0.3 Micron

Controller Type

‎Hand Control





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Sharp Business Systems (India) Private Limited, Plot No. 51, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III, New Delhi- 110020; Toll-Free: 1800-419-4322; E-Mail:


Sharp Business Systems (India) Private Limited, Plot No. 51, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III, New Delhi- 110020; Toll-Free: 1800-419-4322; E-Mail:

Item Weight

5 kg 910 g

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Complete Unit

Generic Name

room air purifier

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#11,964 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #10 in HEPA Air Purifiers

10 reviews for SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W (White) with Plasmacluster™ Ion Technology, Haze Mode, Odour & Dust Sensor, True HEPA & Deodorizing Filter| Coverage Area up to 320 ft²

  1. DSR

    We have been using it for 2 months now, and it works really well. We typically leave it running in the room overnight. On days where AQI is really bad, you can feel the difference as you step out from the room! Unlike what other reviews say, we found the “auto” mode works fine too, switching between different fan speeds. I guess if it is staying low for you, you are in a good place with lesser pollution!It also does a reasonable job of removing odors from air – but keep in mind it is not expected to clear off strong smells. If you are in a city like ours where smoke is one of the major pollutants, you will feel notice the lack of smokey smell when you enter a room where this purifier has been running.The only downside is that we wish there were some way to know when the filters need changing.All in all – hassle free, and a worthy investment!

  2. AnshulAnshul

    After doing a lot of research (and i mean a LOT), I finally settled on this one because it’s the best value for money.The simple fact is – air purifiers are a very basic technology. Just a combination of filters and a fan. Nothing else is necessary. Even this ionizer and plasmacluster stuff is not *necessary*. But Sharp is the best value in terms of all:Best fan speed and CFM at this price. Easily good enough for any bedroom. And one air purifier is never recommended for a large living room.Best HEPA filters – H14. Better than honeywall, coway, or anything else which is even more expensive. The HEPA filter definitely works. Been 1 month, and it has made a huge difference. It’s already picked up a lot of dirt.Carbon filter is not good. It’ll get used up in just 1-2 months. That’s where they saved money. But you can buy a separate carbon filter from this with model number FZ-F50DFE. This filter is a honeycomb carbon filter like more expensive purifiers, and will improve the filtration even better. It’s perfectly compatible with this unit.My recommendation, use this filter at highest fan speed, and when you need silence, then only switch it to medium or low. Don’t use Auto because it doesn’t work, it’ll only run on low speed. The air purifier makes a difference when it is on High. And for even better performance – let the air purifier be the only fan in the room – turn off the ceiling fan and ACs as this will allow ALL of the room air to pass through the air purifier.And if you think this will remove all smell from your room, no it won’t. Because the carbon filter is bad. If you upgrade, it’ll be much better. But it can still get saturated quickly, so don’t throw unnecessary smoke and gases at it.For an air purifier under 10k, this is amazing and this is all you need. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks by Dyson and others. Even Sharp’s other air purifiers have the same technology but are unnecessarily expensive.

  3. Balram Bose

    The essential parts are first class; the filters and such. Doesn’t have digital readout or remote but do you really need it? The seller shipped a used item which they were quick to replace. It was probably a mistake. Check the unboxing vid on YouTube. )

  4. Delhiguy

    Writing this review after using one season of Delhi NCR pollution.Bought it after a lot research keeping in view functions and budget too. This met both requirements.Excellent air purifier, best part is no noise.When in doubt if purifying or not, put it in balcony and see changes in Indicator.Overall good.

  5. Nithesh Sharma

    I had purchased this Air Purifier, and am using it for a month now… It is my first air purifier purchase…I’m using it in my small room as well in the living room, running about for almost 22 hrs a day… AND I’M really IMPRESSED to notice a SIGNIFICANT difference in the Air Quality… Mornings when I wake up, I can feel that the Air has become a lot more CRISPIER and FRESH than what it used to be.. My sleep conditions have improved much and so are the problems with breathing and related allergies… Dust and other allergens have Disappeared completely within a week of usage… The Plasma cluster Tech works like wonder.. The Air is as SUPER CLEAN as places such as in a Forest or near a Waterfall… (all because of the Plasma Cluster Tech)…Lab tests have even proved that the Plasma cluster Tech is good for the skin and hair (as it kills the Dandruff causing Fungus), YES..!!! I did notice a VERY significant reduction in itching on the scalp and skin…Without a doubt You would certainly notice a huge difference in the Air Quality…and on your skinI would say it’s the best Air purifier that you could buy at this Price… And SHARP Air Purifiers are known for it’s high grade HEPA filter… One downside is that they’re somewhat bit expensive than the other brand’s HEPA filters…. But atleast the SHARP HEPA filters last for about 2 years which is GREAT..!!!This purifier is best suitable for Bedrooms where we spend most of the time sleeping…If you think that the Air Quality inside your Bedroom should be as FRESH, CLEAN and CRISP as it is in a Forest or a near Waterfall…. THEN GO FOR IT….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Khushi malhotra

    Product working well & demo was good.

  7. Meena S.

    Have been using it for a couple of months now. Helps to keep the room much cleaner now

  8. Dr SandipDr Sandip

    The media could not be loaded. Lightweight, handy and easy to install filters. The HEPA (14) was provided inside a sealed plastic pack to retain it’s effectively and was very easy to install. Lookwise very smart, works with minimal sound and in 6-7 minutes it turned the room air indicator from Orange to green. I tested the device by opening the room window which made the indicator orange again.Only thing I am missing is a digital PM2 indicator (you can only monitor the Air quality by the colour indicators like red, orange, green).Review after 3 days of use: It’s working nicely and soundless. Remember, this is not a suction machine, impure air goes passively and get trapped in the filter. (Do not get confused with videos showing floating particles, they had a serious misunderstanding about the functioning princIple of air purifier).

  9. Roy Varghese Mathew

    It’s a very good product, working up to our ultimate satisfaction

  10. Rajib singh

    The media could not be loaded. I am living in dense populated and dense traffic area. AQI is very high in my area. My little daughter my wife n me are so much problem for inhaling. Dats y i buy this air purifier. Now we r so peaceful in sleep n inhaling problem. My room is AC room. No vantilator. Surrounded by four walls. This sharp air purifier is so good. It can remove dust, bad odor, and other air pollution. And gives us to clean fresh air. And the most important and most like part is noise. It has no noise. So smooth sound. It has a activated carbon filter along with HEPA filter a lifetime of 1 year. And it can releaseal a plasmacluster ion in the air. To good product. We love u sharp…

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